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Bathroom Vanities Jungle Wash

Bathroom Vanities Jungle Wash - he designer José Lévy turned his bathroom amenities "Jungle Wash" any bathroom into an oasis in the Amazon jungle.
This really is nevertheless times extraordinary! Who might already be equipped bathroom with a rain shower, should look at José Levy's interpretation of a rainforest-bathroom: the existing green marble bathroom collection "Jungle Wash" transforms the bathroom into a place with real natural feeling and of its users may the luxury version of Tarzan and Jane. Aaaaahhhh uohuoh ouh-ouh!

The bathroom collection "Jungle Wash"
The bathroom features "Jungle Wash" is made up of several elements. These include small narrow shelf shelves for the wall, a long, rectangular, narrow basin, a white water tap, a rectangular mirror cabinet, a small folding stool and even a toothbrush tumbler and a toothbrush. So if you have always dreamed of, to take a shower in the rainforest times, can either travel there there, transform, for example, the Amazon, or his bathroom in a jungle oasis.

Luxurious materials for the rainforest look
The individual elements of the bathroom collection "Jungle Wash" are primarily made of emerald green Guatemalan marble and carved and processed by hand. Here, the luxurious stone remains mainly natural, only the functional surfaces, such as the interior of the sink or the shelf surfaces are highly polished. Outsides, like the edge of a sink or marble element on the mirror cabinet, keep a rough, coarse surface. So one feels when using such a wet room equipped presumably as if you wash at a haunted location in the rainforest on the edge of a tropical waterfall between mossy stones.

Design between opulence and naturalness
The design of the Rainforest bathroom is somewhere between opulence and simplicity and also because of the dark green tone a matter of taste. In an otherwise minimalistic bathroom the "Jungle Wash" is - fitted with safety to the fullest advantage. In addition, a touch of humor in the nature-inspired design also plays a role. That is, for example, in the design of the faucet clear: It recalls in its shape to an elephant's trunk.

The collection "Jungle Wash", which is to transform the bathroom into a realistic jungle oasis, has designed the French designer Jose Levy, together with the Italian marble specialists UP Group and presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2014.

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