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Bathroom Design Vanities

Bathroom Design Vanities - The collection "ilbagno" the baths manufacturer antoniolupi indulges the "sentimental style". Introducing the new elements.
In antoniolupi one considers not only on small things. A radiator out of its production, so the family business founded in 1950 and Headquartered in Florence, transform a bathroom wall at once "in a fresco", give her a "colored, poetic power". Among them it is done not in Tuscany, and we may also confidently quote the great Italian director Federico Fellini: "Another language means a different view of life". Anyway, another view on the bathroom caused by a unique design language. Good reading can be the to the collection "ilbagno" which is marketed as a "highly emotional" and "romantically". For trade fair Cersai 2014 several new variants were presented.

Homely feel: the bath "Suite"
The freestanding bath "suite" about from the series "ilbagno" was a new color combination donated. Outdoor "Suite" can now be seen on request in a matte dark gray, that comes with the outwardly curved white bath rim and the resulting contrast especially nicely. The muted color are the pan dignity and comfort - and succeeds undoubtedly a general trend in the bathroom equipment. In the same direction aims the console "Armonia", an almost Art Nouveau-like undercarriage of turned wood, for example, for the sink "Accordo". Filigree the wooden frame clings to the basin, almost tenderly entwined with high craftsmanship skill rounded and nested wooden parts from one side of the pool to the other and to the floor. Again, the appeal lies in the combination of materials: The soft, grained wood strikes the hard, smooth synthetic resin of the basin.

"Ilbagno" shines in "sentimental style"
Responsible for the "ilbagno" series of Pisan designer Roberto Lazzeroni which propagated the idea of ​​a "sentimental design" in which the may express "tension between past and future". While the wooden frame "Armonia" is more suitable for a bygone era, is the material of the sink "Accordo" whole of today, if not almost from the future. Christalplant is a high-tech composite material made of natural minerals and polyester and acrylic polymers. It has Lazzeroni leave for "Accordo" in a very simple molding: The broad plan, serving as shelves edges of the basin are rounded outside, the pool itself has (almost) square inside edges. The juxtaposition of curves and corners here blends into a harmonious whole without any decor (available in white or black). Not infrequently, a poetic strength comes actually from the restriction on the essentials.

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